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Realtime analytics

We provide software and services for realtime analysis of large scale time series data.

Our Products

High-quality code is our passion. We believe:

  • simplicity is the key to stability; our APIs should be easy to comprehend, and simple to use correctly;
  • single responsibility principle; each component should solve a clearly defined problem, and only contain functionality directly relevant to this problem;
  • evolve or die; both the design and implementation should be designed for evolution.

Tick Database

Plovercrest is a light-weight, high performance time series tick database for the JVM. The database is designed for efficient storage and replay of large message series, and was developed with sharding and clustering in mind. Its primary function is in storing and analyzing huge amounts of historical data, and real-time low-latency streaming applications such as complex event processing (CEP).

Realtime Data Processing Libraries

Lancebill is a collection of libraries for writing functional-style folds for realtime processing of massive amounts of time series data across concurrent streams. The core library provides primitives for joining, grouping, and ordering streams of time series data. Extension libraries support processing financial data: resampling to specific intervals, pricing algorithms, technical indicators etc. Lancebill is designed to augment Plovercrest, but may be used independently.

Serializer Library

Napo is a library for automatically generating efficient serializers for lightly annotated POJOs. Napos core feature is its separation of object-specific serializer logic from the data format. The generated serializers are compiled on-the-fly, avoiding the use of reflection at (de)serialization time. The library also provides an easy API for writing custom serializers, where necessary. All serializers may be combined with an extensible set of data formats, through plugins. Plugins for (de)serialization to/from JSON, CSV, binary and XML are included.

Our Spinoffs

We have spun out the following subsidiaries based on previous incubation projects:

Bluetail Capital

"Our mission is to generate consistent, high risk-adjusted returns by pairing top trading talent with data, algorithms and automated execution."

Just Technologies

"We are reinventing how global companies trade foreign currency (FX) by providing direct access to the foreign currency market via innovative technology."

Our Services

At the moment, we are at capacity. If you have ideas and opportunities planned for the future, let us know.

Contact Us

About us

We are a small, privately held technology incubator specializing in distributed systems, realtime data analysis and message processing.

We perform in-house R&D until we reach commercial viability, then partner with external talent and investors to create commercial spin-offs.

Our main focus so has been on low-latency e-FX trading platforms, pricing engines, autohedgers and high-performance time series databases.

For enquiries, please contact us on

The Norwegian Computing Centre, Gaustadalleen 23A,
0373 Oslo, Norway (map)
KolibriFX AS
c/o Norsk Regnesentral
Postboks 114
0314 Oslo, Norway